0.005%, 0.05%, 123, 1232, 34, 345, 500MWh to 1999MWh, 56, 66, 93 Leaded replacement petrol 93 LRP, 93 ULP, 93 Unleaded, 95 Leaded replacement petrol, 95 LRP, 95 ULP, 95 Unleaded, ABR Aluminium, ABR Aluminium Price, ABR Copper ABR Copper Price, ABR Zinc, ABR Zinc Price, Abrasives, ABS, Accessories and clothing services, Accessories Price, Accessories Services, Accommodation and food services, Accommodation and food services Wage Accounting services, Accounting services Price, Acid, Acids, Across the board wage increase, Adhesive manufacturing, Adhesive manufacturing Price, Adhesives and sealants, Administrative and support services, Administrative and support services Wage Afri-Roof, Agricultural chemicals, Agricultural Input and Output Price Indices, Agricultural machinery, Agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing, Agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing Price, Agricultural Producer Price Indices, Agricultural Products, Agriculture Price, Air or other gas compressors Air or vacuum pumps, Aircraft manufacturing and repair services, Aircraft manufacturing and repair services Price, Airport operations, Airport operations and other air transport support services, Airport operations and other air transport support services Price, Alcohol and tobacco Price, Alcohol Price, Alcoholic beverages and tobacco Price, Alcoholic beverages Price Alkalies, All Carbon Steel Price Index, All Carbon Steel Products, All commodities, All Commodity Price Index, All groups CPI, All industries Wage, All items HICP, All occupations, All other basic organic chemical manufacturing All other miscellaneous fabricated products, All Urban Consumers, Allied products, Alloy steel, Alloy steel for structural use, Alloy steel for structural use Price, Allyl polyesters, Almonds, Alumina production, Alumina production Price Aluminium Alloy Price, Aluminium rolling, Aluminium rolling Price, Aluminium Scrap, Aluminium Scrap Price, Aluminium smelting, Aluminium smelting Price, Aluminum and semi-finished products thereof, Aluminum base scrap, Aluminum rolling Price Aluminum smelting Price, Ammonium, Ammonium Nitrate, AngloGold, AngloGold Ashanti, AngloGold Ashanti Wages, Angola Exchange Rate, Angola Monthly Average Exchange Rate, Angolan Kwanza, Anthracite Antivirals, Apparatus for controlling, Apparel, Applied electronic equipment, Applied electronic equipment and electric measuring instruments, Applied electronic equipment Price, Arc lamps, Arcelor Mittal, ArcelorMittal, Architectural aluminium product manufacturing Architectural aluminium product manufacturing Price, Architectural aluminum product manufacturing Price, Architectural engineering and technical services, Architectural services, Architectural services Price, ARG Index, Argentina, Argentina Exchange Rate, Argentine Peso, ARS Artisans, Arts, Arts and recreation services, Arts and recreation services Wage, Attachments, AUD, Audio equipment and services Price, Audio equipment Price, Audio media and services Price, Audio visual and computing equipment and services Audio visual and computing media and services, Australia, Australia CPI, Australia Exchange Rate, Australia Inflation, Australia PPI, Australia Wage, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Wage Australian Dollar, Australian Dollar per Swedish Krona, Australian Exchange Rate, Autodiesel Price, Automotive electrical, Automotive electrical component manufacturing, Automotive electrical component manufacturing Price, Automotive fuel Price, Average agricultural prices, Average Beef Producer Price Average hourly wage rate, Average labor cost increase, Average labour cost increase, Average Monthly Exchange Rate, Average Namibian Beef Price, Average Namibian Sheep Price, Average of observations through period, Average Producers Prices, Average Sheep Producer Price, Bakery product manufacturing Bakery product manufacturing Price, Baking mix manufacturing Price, Ball, Ball and roller bearing, Ball and roller bearings, Ball bearings Price, Ballasts for discharge lamps, Banco Central De Reserva Del Perú, Bank of Botswana, Bank of Israel Bank of Japan, Bank of Mozambique, Bank of Namibia, Bank of Papua New Guinea, Bank of Zambia, Banque Centrale du Congo, Bargaining Council, Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry, Bars, Base Steel Price Basic chemical and chemical product manufacturing, Basic chemical and chemical product manufacturing Price, Basic chemical and chemical products, Basic chemical and chemical products Price, Basic chemical manufacturing, Basic chemical manufacturing Price, Basic chemical Price, Basic chemical product manufacturing Price, Basic ferrous metal, Basic ferrous metal product manufacturing Basic ferrous metal product manufacturing Price, Basic ferrous metal products, Basic ferrous metal products Price, Basic ferrous metals, Basic ferrous metals Price, Basic Fuel Price, Basic inorganic chemical, Basic inorganic chemical manufacturing, Basic inorganic chemical manufacturing Price, Basic inorganic chemicals Basic metals Price, Basic Monthly Wages, Basic non-ferrous metal manufacturing, Basic non-ferrous metal manufacturing Price, Basic non-ferrous metal product manufacturing, Basic non-ferrous metal product manufacturing Price, Basic non-ferrous metal products, Basic non-ferrous metal products Price, Basic organic chemical, Basic organic chemical manufacturing Basic organic chemical manufacturing Price, Basic organic chemicals, Basic polymer manufacturing, Basic polymer manufacturing Price, Basic Price Index for Domestic Supply, Basic Producer Price Index, BCCEI, BCRA, Bearings Price, Beef and veal Beef and veal Price, Beef fresh or chilled, Beef Price, Beer Price, Belgium Producer price index, Belgium Producer price index of industry, Belting, Belts, Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing, Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing Price Beverage manufacturing, Beverage manufacturing Price, Beverage product manufacturing Price, Beverages and beverage materials, Biscuit manufacturing, Biscuit manufacturing Price, Biscuits Price, Bitunimous, Bitunimous coal and lignite, Bleaches Blocks, Blocks other raw products and semi-finished products made of carbon steel, BLS, Boatbuilding and repair services, Boatbuilding and repair services Price, Boiler manufacturing Price, Boiler tank and other heavy gauge metal container manufacturing, Bolt and Nut, Bolt and Nut Price, Bolt manufacturing Price Bolt Price, Bolts, Books Price, Borate, Botswana, Botswana Consumer Price Index, Botswana Exchange Rate, Botswana Inflation, Botswana Pula, Botswana Pula per US Dollar Brass, Brass and Bronze Scrap, Brass and Bronze Scrap Price, Brazil, Brazil Consumer Price Index, Brazil Exchange Rate, Brazil Inflation, Brazil National Consumer Price Index, Brazil Producer Price Indices, Brazilian Brazilian Institute of Economics, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, Brazilian Real, Brazilian Real per Chinese Yuan, Brazilian Real per Euro, Brazilian Real per Swedish Krona, Bread and cereal products, Bread and cereal products Price, Bread Price, Breakfast cereal Price Brent crude oil, Brent Spot Price, Broadwoven fabric mills, Bronze, Brooms, Brooms and brushes, Brushes, Building, Bulk fluid milk and cream, Bulldozers Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Labour Statistics, Bureau of Trade and Economic, Butter, Butter blends, Butter substitutes, CA Index, Cables and electrical installation material, Cake and pastry manufacturing, Cake and pastry manufacturing Price Cakes and biscuits, Cakes and biscuits Price, Cakes Price, Canada, Canada Average hourly wage rate, Canada Consumer Price Index, Canada CPI, Canada Employee wages, Canada Industrial product price index, Canada Inflation Canada PPI, Canadian Dollar, Canadian Dollar per Euro, Canadian Dollar per Swedish Krona, Canadian Exchange Rate, Canned, Canned fruits and juices, Cans, Carbon, Carbon and graphite product Carbon Black, Carbon dioxide, Carbon steel, Carbon Steel Wire, Carpets and other floor coverings, Carpets and other floor coverings Price, Carpets Price, Cast and forged steel products, Cast and forged steel products Price, Cast iron scrap Category 4, Category 5, Category 6, Category 7, Category 8, Cattle Average Purchasing Price, Cattle Average Selling Price, Cattle Price, CBS, Cement and lime manufacturing Cement and lime manufacturing Price, Cement lime plaster and concrete product manufacturing, Cement product manufacturing Price, Central Bank of Argentina, Central Bank of Chile, Central Bank of Congo, Central Bank of Nigeria, Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Central Statistics Office Ireland, Central Statistics Office of Botswana Ceramic product manufacturing, Ceramic product manufacturing Price, Ceramic stone and clay products, Ceramic stone and clay products Price, Cereal manufacturing Price, Cereal pasta and baking mix manufacturing, Cereal product manufacturing Price, Cereal products Price, Chamber of Mines, Cheese and curd cheese Cheese and other dairy product manufacturing, Cheese and other dairy product manufacturing Price, Cheese and quark, Cheese Price, Cheese product manufacturing Price, Chemical Materials, Chemical Materials and Products Nes, Chemicals and allied products, Chemicals and allied products: Industrial chemicals, Chemicals and chemical products Chemicals and chemical products Price, Child care Price, Chile, Chile Exchange Rate, Chile ICT, Chile International Labour Cost, Chile National Index of Transport Costs, Chile National Statistics Institute, Chile NCI Labour, Chile Producer Price Index Chile Transportation Cost Index, Chilean Peso, Chilean Peso per Swedish Krona, Chilean Pesos per Euro, Chilean Pesos per US Dollar, Chilled, Chilled and Frozen Meat Price, China, China Consumer Price Index, China CPI China Exchange Rate, China Inflation, China PPI, China Producer Prices, China Producer Prices for the Industrial Sector, Chinese Yuan, Chinese Yuan per Brazilian Real, Chlori, chlorine, Chlorine: Chromadek, Chromadek and Chromaprep, Chromadek Colour, Chromadek Plus, Chromadek Price, Chromaprep, Chromaprep Price, Cider, Circuit boards, City Average Civil Engineering Industry, Civil engineering material, Civil engineering material Price, Civil engineering material price indices, Clay brick manufacturing, Clay brick manufacturing Price, Cleaning and maintenance products, Cleaning and maintenance products Price, Cleaning compound, Cleaning compound and toiletry preparation manufacturing Cleaning compound and toiletry preparation manufacturing Price, Cleaning compound manufacturing, Cleaning compound manufacturing Price, Cleaning of clothing and footwear, Cleaning products Price, Cleaning repair and hire of clothing and footwear, Clocks, Clothing and footwear, Clothing and footwear Price, Clothing manufacturing Clothing manufacturing Price, Clothing Price, Clothing Services, CMPI, CN Index, CNB, Coal Anthracite, Coal Anthracite Any Industrial, Coal Anthracite Any Industrial Price, Coal Anthracite Any Metallurgical Coal Anthracite Any Metallurgical Price, Coal Anthracite Domestic, Coal Anthracite Domestic Price, Coal Anthracite Price, Coal Anthracite Steel Works, Coal Anthracite Steel Works Price, Coal Bituminous, Coal Bituminous Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Agriculture Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Any Coal Bituminous Steam Any Industrial Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Any Metallurgical Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Any Mines Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Any Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Brick Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Cement Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Chemical Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Domestic Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Electricity Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Steel Works Price Coal Bituminous Steam Synthetic Fuels Price, Coal Bituminous Steam Transport Price, Coal Coking, Coal Coking Any, Coal Coking Any Price, Coal mining, Coal mining Price, Coal Price, Coal Production Summary Report, Cobalt Price Cocoa Price, Coconut Products Price, Coconut Shell Charcoal, Coconut Shell Charcoal Price, Coffee Price, Coffee tea and cocoa, Coffee tea and cocoa Price, Cold Rolled, Cold Rolled Coil, Cold Rolled Sheet In Coil Cold Rolled Sheet In Coil Price, Cold rolled steel, Cold Rolled Steel Price, Cold rolled steel sheet and strip, Colour Roofing, COM, Combined with the Rand and US Dollar, Combined with ZAR and USD, Combustion engines, Commercial sizes Commodities, Commodity, Commodity Division, Commodity Group, Commodity Prices, Communication equipment manufacturing, Communication equipment manufacturing Price, Communication Price, Competitive Hub Benchmark, Composite Index Composite Stainless Steel Price, Composite Stainless Steel Price Index, Compressor equipment manufacturing Price, Compressor equipment Price, Computer & electronic product, Computer and electronic equipment, Computer and electronic equipment manufacturing, Computer and electronic equipment manufacturing Price, Computer equipment, Computer system design Computer system design and related services, Computer system design and related services Price, Computing equipment and services Price, Computing equipment Price, Computing media and services Price, Concrete product, Concrete product manufacturing, Concrete product manufacturing Price, Condensed, Condiments Price Cones, Confectionery manufacturing, Confectionery manufacturing Price, Confectionery Price, Congo, Congo Inflation, Construction input price index, Construction material mining, Construction material mining Price, Construction Materials Price Indices Construction Price Adjustment Provisions, Construction Wage, Consumer Inflation, Consumer Inflation Indicators, Consumer Price Index, Consumer Price Index CPI, Consumer Price Index Detailed Indices, Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers, Consumer price index for the whole nation, Conventional Gasoline Regular Converted paper product manufacturing, Converted paper product manufacturing Price, Converted paper products Price, Conveying equipment, Conveyors, Cooling equipment manufacturing Price, copper alloy sheet, Copper and semi-finished products, Copper foundries, Copper Price Copper rolling, Copper Scrap, Copper Scrap Price, Copper silver lead and zinc smelting and refining, Copper smelting and refining Price, Copper wire and cable, Cordial manufacturing Price, Corn manufacturing Price, Corn mill products, Corporate Goods Price Index Corrosion resisting steel 3CR12, Corrugated paperboard, Corrugated paperboard and paperboard container manufacturing, Corrugated paperboard and paperboard container manufacturing Price, Corrugated paperboard manufacturing Price, Cosmetic and toiletry preparation manufacturing, Cosmetic and toiletry preparation manufacturing Price, Cotlook A, Cotlook A Index, Cotton Courier pick-up and delivery services, Courier pick-up and delivery services Price, Coverings, CPA, CPI, Cream, Cross Ribbed Base, Cross Ribbed Base Steel Price, Cross Ribbed Flat, Cross Ribbed Flat Price Crude, Crude Oil, Crude Oil Price, Crude steel, CSO, CSO Ireland, Cups, Cured meat and smallgoods manufacturing, Cured meat and smallgoods manufacturing Price, Customs agency Customs agency services, Customs agency services Price, Cut and sewn textile product manufacturing, Cut and sewn textile product manufacturing Price, Czech, Czech Exchange Rate, Czech Koruna, Czech National Bank, Czech Republic Average agricultural prices, Czech Republic Industrial producer price indices Czech Statistical Office, CZK, Dairy and related products, Dairy and related products Price, Dairy cattle farming, Dairy Price, Dairy product manufacturing, Dairy product manufacturing Price, Danmarks Statistik, Data processing equipment DD Bar, DD Bar Price, Deep sea freight, Deep sea freight transportation, Deformed bar, Deformed Bar Price, Dehydrated, Demand, Denmark, Denmark Consumer Price Index Denmark Inflation, Denmark Price index for Domestic Supply, Denmark Producer price index, Denmark statistics, Dental services Price, Department Mineral Resources, Department of Energy, Department of Statistics Malaysia, Department of Statistics Singapore, Deposit and loan facilities Deposit and loan facilities Price, Desktop, Desktop and portable device application software publishing, Destatis, Detergents, Deutschland, Devices for regulating, Dextrins, Diesel Price, Diesel Sulphur Dioxide, Discharge lamps, Distribution, Dithionite, DME, DMR, Dollar, Dollar per Chilean Pesos, Dollars per Barrel, Dollars per Gallon Domestic and household services, Domestic appliance, Domestic appliance manufacturing, Domestic appliance manufacturing Price, Domestic appliances, Domestic appliances Price, Domestic holiday travel and accommodation, Domestic holiday travel and accommodation Price, Domestic materials Price, Domestic sales Domestic services Price, Domestic steel price, Domestic steel price index, Domestic Supply, Domestic Supply Price Index, Drawing And Forming Grades, Dried, Dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, Drills, Drive Drives, Drugs, Drugs and pharmaceuticals, Dry, Dry milk products and mixtures, DSC, Dubai, Dubai Statistics Centre, Ductile Iron Castings, Earthmoving Eastern Cape Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, Eastern Cape Clothing and footwear, Eastern Cape Communication Price, Eastern Cape Consumer Price Index, Eastern Cape Education Price, Eastern Cape Food and non alcoholic beverages, Eastern Cape Health Price, Eastern Cape Household contents and equipment, Eastern Cape Housing and utilities, Eastern Cape Miscellaneous goods and services Eastern Cape Recreation and culture Price, Eastern Cape Restaurants and hotels Price, Eastern Cape Transport Price, ECB, ECB Exchange Rate, Education and training Wage, Education Price, Eggs Price, EIA, Electric cable and wire manufacturing Electric cable and wire manufacturing Price, Electric Lamps, Electric light bulbs, Electric lighting equipment manufacturing, Electric lighting equipment manufacturing Price, Electric measuring instruments, Electric measuring instruments Price, Electric meters, Electric meters Price, Electric Motor Price Electric power, Electric power distribution, Electric power generation, Electrical equipment, Electrical equipment and appliance, Electrical equipment manufacturing, Electrical equipment manufacturing Price, Electrical equipment Price, Electrical installation, Electrical machinery and equipment Electrical machinery and equipment Price, Electricity distribution, Electricity gas water and waste services, Electricity gas water and waste services Wage, Electricity meters, Electricity Price, Electricity Price for non-household customers, Electrodes, Electromedical, Electronic and optical products Electronic components, Electronic components and accessories, Electronic components and circuit boards, Electronic computers, Electronic computers and computer equipment, Electronic devices, Electronic devices Price, Electronic systems and equipment, Employee Compensation, Employer Costs Employer Costs for Employee Compensation, Emulsions, Energy Information Administration, Energy Regulation Board of Zambia, Engineering consulting, Engineering design, Engineering design and engineering consulting services, Engineering design and engineering consulting services Price, Engineering input price indices, Engineering products Engineering projects, Engineering services, Engineering services Price, Engines and Turbines, Equipment and facilities of telecommunications technology, Equipment for sports camping and open-air recreation, ERB, Eskom, Ethanol, Ethyl alcohol Ethylene, Ethylene propylene, ETSA, ETSA Calculations, ETSA Index, ETSA Wage Indices, EU Carbon Steel Prices, Euro, Euro area, Euro area 19 countries Euro area Labor Cost Index, Euro area Labour Cost Index, Euro area Producer prices in industry, Euro per Kilowatt hour, Europe, Europe Brent Spot Price, European Central Bank, European Exchange Rate, European Union, European Union 27 countries Eurostat, Evaporated, Except fluid power, Exchange Rate, Exchange Rate ROE, Exchange rates averages, excluding electronic components, Excluding mineral oil, excluding poultry, Excluding table salt Excluding tires, Exotic Metals, Exotic Metals Price, Explosive manufacturing, Explosive manufacturing Price, Explosives manufacturing, Export Abattoirs S-VCF, Export and Import Unit Value Indices, Export Price Index, Export prices Export Sales, Export Unit Value, Extraction, Extras List 115, Extras List 120, Extras List 130, Extruding, Fabric mills, Fabricated ferrous wire products, Fabricated metal Fabricated metal product manufacturing, Fabricated metal product manufacturing Price, Fabricated metal products, Fabricated metal products Price, Fabricated metals, Fabricated structural metal, Fabricated textile, FAO, Farinaceous, Farm Farm products, Fast foods Price, Fat free or skim milk, Fat substances from milk, Fats Price, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Exchange Rate, Fencing Profile Price, Fencing Profiles, Ferroalloy Ferroalloys, Ferrous Metal, Ferrous Metal foundries, Fertiliser and pesticide manufacturing, Fertiliser and pesticide manufacturing Price, Fertiliser manufacturing, Fertiliser manufacturing Price, Fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing, Fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing Price, Fertilizer manufacturing Fertilizer manufacturing Price, Fertilizer materials, FI Index, Fiber, Fibers, Filters, Filters and strainers, Final Demand, Final Demand Price, Financial and insurance services Financial and insurance services Wage, Financial services Price, Finished cotton broadwoven fabrics, Finished Product Price, Finland Basic Price Index for Domestic Supply, Finland Consumer Price Index, Finland CPI, Finland Inflation, Finland Labor Cost Index, Finland Labour Cost Index Finland Labour Cost Index by Industry, Finland Producer Price Index, Finland Producer Price Index for Domestic Supply, Finland Producer Price Index for Manufactured Products, Finland Producer Price Index for Services, Fire extinguishers, Fish and other seafood, Fish and other seafood Price, Fish Price, Five Grade Schedule Fixed Portion, Fixed Portion Index, Fixed space heating cooling and ventilation equipment manufacturing, Fixed space heating equipment manufacturing Price, Flakes, Flange, Flange & Profile, Flanges, Flat and Long Carbon Steel Price Index, Flat and Long Carbon Steel Purchasing Price Index Flat And Long Steel, Flat and Long Steel Price, Flat products, Flat Products Price, Flat Steel, Flat Steel Price, Flavoring extracts, Floorplate Price, Flour, Fluid power Fluid power cylinder and actuator, Fluid power equipment, Fluid power hose, Fluid power pump and motor, Fluid power pumps and parts, Fluid power valve, Fluid power valve and hose fitting, FOB, Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Food additives and condiments Food additives and condiments Price, Food additives Price, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Food and non alcoholic beverages Price, Food and non-alcoholic beverages, Food and non-alcoholic beverages Price, Food Price, Food Price Index, Food product manufacturing, Food product manufacturing Price Food products Price, Footwear for infants and children Price, Footwear for men Price, Footwear for women Price, Footwear manufacturing, Footwear manufacturing Price, Footwear Price, Forestry and logging, Forestry and logging Price, Forklift trucks and parts Forklift trucks and parts Price, Forms, Foundries, Foundries and Castings, Foundries and Castings Index, Foundry and forge shop products, Foundry products, Foundry scrap, Foundry scrap Price, France Producer price index France Producer price index in exported industrial production, France Producer price index in whole industrial production, France Producer price indices of French industry for all markets, Free State Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, Free State Clothing and footwear, Free State Communication Price, Free State Consumer Price Index, Free State Education Price, Free State Food and non alcoholic beverages, Free State Health Price Free State Household contents and equipment, Free State Housing and utilities, Free State Miscellaneous goods and services, Free State Recreation and culture Price, Free State Restaurants and hotels Price, Free State Transport Price, Freeze dried, Freeze-dried, Fresh, Fresh Chilled and Frozen Frozen, Frozen concentrated orange juice, Fructose, Fruit and tree nut growing, Fruit and vegetable processing, Fruit and vegetables Price, Fruit Price, Fruits, Fuel and power, Fuel and related products and power Fuel oil, Fuel oil Price, Fuels and related products and power, Fur dressing manufacturing Price, Fur dressing Price, Furnishings household equipment and services, Furnishings Price, Furniture and furnishings, Furniture and other manufacturing, Furniture and other manufacturing Price Furniture manufacturing, Furniture manufacturing Price, Furniture Price, Galvanised, Galvanised Coil, Galvanised coil Price, Galvanised Steel Price, Galvanized, Galvanized Coil, Galvanized coil Price Galvanized Steel Price, Games Price, Games toys and hobbies Price, Garments for infants and children Price, Garments for men Price, Garments for women Price, Garments Price, Gas and other household fuels, Gas extraction Price, Gas liquid and electricity meters Gas oil other than autodiesel Price, Gas oil Price, Gasoline automotive engines, Gauteng Consumer Price Index, Gauteng Diesel sulphur, Gauteng Diesel sulphur Price, Gauteng Food and non alcoholic beverages, Gauteng Fuel, Gauteng Fuel Price, Gauteng Illuminating paraffin Gauteng Illuminating paraffin Price, Gauteng Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gauteng Liquefied Petroleum Gas Price, gear, Gears, General freight trucking, General Index, General industrial machinery equipment, General purpose machinery and equipment, General Statistics Office of Vietnam General Wages, General Worker, Generation, Germany, Glass and glass product manufacturing, Glass and glass product manufacturing Price, Glass and glass products, Glass and glass products Price, Glass Price, Glass product Glass products, Glassware Price, Glassware tableware and household utensils, Glassware tableware and household utensils Price, Global Brass, Global Brass Index, Global Bronze, Global Bronze Index, Global Steel Price, Glucose Gluten, Goat Price, Gold Mine, Gold Mine Labor Indices, Gold Mine Labour Indices, Grain mill and cereal product manufacturing, Grain mill and cereal product manufacturing Price, Grain mill product manufacturing, Grain mill product manufacturing Price, Grain mill products Grain SA, Grain storage services, Grain storage services Price, Granules, Graphite, Greige polyester spun yarns, Grinding materials, Grinding Media, Grinding Media Price, Ground GSO, Gulf Coast, Hairdressing and personal grooming services, Hairdressing services Price, Hand and edge tools, Harmonised index of consumer prices, Harmony, Harmony wages, Harper Peterson and Co, Harpex Headline Consumer Price Index, Health care and social assistance, Health care and social assistance Wage, Health Price, Heating equipment manufacturing Price, Heating equipment Price, Heating Oil Spot Price, Herbicides, Herbicides Price, Hides Hides skins leather and related products, High Carbon, Hire of clothing and footwear, Hobbies Price, Holiday travel and accommodation, Holiday travel and accommodation Price, Hollow sections, Honey Price, Hose, Hot impression die impact Hot processed, Hot Rolled, Hot rolled Coil, Hot rolled Coil Price, Hot Rolled Sheet In Coil, Hot Rolled Sheet In Coil Price, Hot rolled steel, Hot Rolled Steel Bars, Hot Rolled Steel Price, Hot rolled steel sheet and strip Hot Rolled Thin Gauge Price, Hourly Rate, Household appliances Price, Household appliances utensils and tools, Household appliances utensils and tools Price, Household contents and equipment Price, Household equipment, Household services Price, Household textiles, Household textiles Price Household utensils Price, Housing and utilities Price, Housing Price, HRS, Human pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing, Human pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing Price, Human pharmaceutical product manufacturing Price, Hydraulic fluid power pumps, Hydraulic pumps, hydrochloric Hydrogen, IBGE, IBRE, Ice cream and other dairy products, Ice cream and other dairy products Price, Ice cream manufacturing, Ice cream manufacturing Price, Ice cream Price, Illuminating Paraffin, Illuminating paraffin Price IMF, Import Prices, Imported material Price, Imported materials, In bond landed, In bond landed cost, Including greases, Including tin mill products, INDEC, Index for conductor steel core Index for round bar, Index of actual labor cost, Index of actual labour cost, Index of actual wage rates, Index of export prices, Index of Import Prices, Index of labor Wage Indices, Index of labour Wage Indices, Index of stainless steel flat products, Index of Transport Costs per Group India Consumer Price Index, India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers, India Inflation, India Manufacture of products, India Wholesale Price Index, India WPI, Indonesia Export Unit Value, Indonesia PPI, Indonesia Producer Price Index, Indonesia Quarterly Producer Price Index by subsector Industrial and manufacturing plant and process engineering projects, Industrial ball valves, Industrial butterfly valves, Industrial Chemicals Sector, Industrial Chemicals Sector Price, Industrial commodities less fuels, Industrial gas manufacturing, Industrial gas manufacturing Price, Industrial material handling equipment, Industrial Price Index Industrial process variable instruments, Industrial producer price index, Industrial producer price indices, Industrial product price index, Industrial Production Index, Industrial Workers for all India, Industry Wage Rates, INE, INE Chile, INEI Inflation, Information media and telecommunications, Information media and telecommunications Wage, Ink, Inland, Inland and Coastal, Inorganic acids, Inorganic chemicals, INPC, Input Producer Price Index Insecticides, Insecticides Price, Instituto Brasileiro De Economia, Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística, Instituto Nacional De Estadistica E Informatica, Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas, Insulation Materials, Insurance and financial, Insurance and financial services, Insurance and financial services Price Insurance Price, Integral horsepower, Integral horsepower motors and generators, Interest Rates, Intermediate foods and feeds, Intermediate foods and feeds Price, Internal combustion engines, International chemical prices, International Coconut Community, International CPI International economic data, International Financial Statistics, International holiday travel and accommodation, International holiday travel and accommodation Price, International Labor Cost, International Labour Cost, International Monetary Fund, International PPI, International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa, International WPI Inulin, Invert sugar, IPI, IPP, Ireland, Ireland Consumer Price Index, Ireland Industrial Price Index, Ireland Inflation, Ireland Wholesale Price Index, Iron and steel casting Iron and steel casting Price, Iron and steel forging, Iron and steel mills, Iron and steel mills and ferroalloy, Iron and steel pipe and tube manufacturing, Iron and steel Price, Iron and steel scrap, Iron Foundries, Iron foundry, Iron foundry products Iron smelting and steel manufacturing, Iron smelting and steel manufacturing Price, Israel, Israel CPI, Israel Inflation, ISTAT, ISTAT Italy, ITAC, ITAC PPSS, ITAC Price Preference System Summary Italy Agricultural Producer Price Indices, Italy Consumer Price Index, Italy Consumer price index for the whole nation, Italy Industrial producer price index, Italy Inflation, Jams honey and spreads, Jams honey and spreads Price, Jams Price, Japan, Japan Consumer Price Index Japan CPI, Japan Inflation, Japan Producer Price Index, Japan TBL-T-1 Wage Indices, Japan Wage Index, Japanese Statistics Bureau, Juices Price, Kerosene Type, Kina, Kina per week Kinshasa, Knitted product manufacturing, Knitted product manufacturing Price, Knitted products Price, Korea Consumer Price Index, Korea Inflation, Korea Producer Price Indexes, Korean Statistical Information Service, KOSIS, Krona Kwacha, Kwazulu Natal Consumer Price Index, Kwazulu-Natal Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, Kwazulu-Natal Clothing and footwear, Kwazulu-Natal Communication Price, Kwazulu-Natal Consumer Price Index, Kwazulu-Natal Education Price, Kwazulu-Natal Food and non alcoholic beverages, Kwazulu-Natal Health Price, Kwazulu-Natal Household contents and equipment Kwazulu-Natal Housing and utilities, Kwazulu-Natal Miscellaneous goods and services, Kwazulu-Natal Recreation and culture Price, Kwazulu-Natal Restaurants and hotels Price, Kwazulu-Natal Transport Price, Labor Bureau Government of India, Labor Cost Index, Labor cost indices, Labor Input in Industry, Laboratory analytical instruments Labour Bureau Government of India, Labour Cost Index, Labour Input in Industry, Lamb and goat, Lamb and goat Price, Lamb Average Purchasing Price, Lamb Average Selling Price, Lamb or Sheep Average Purchasing Price, Lamb or Sheep Average Selling Price, Lamb or Sheep Price Lamb Price, Lamps, Lamps and Ballast, Land transport equipment, Latin American Steel Prices, LCI, Lead Price, Lead Scrap, Lead Scrap Price, Lead smelting and refining Price Leather manufacturing Price, Leather Price, Leather product manufacturing Price, Leather products, Leather products Price, Leather tanning fur dressing and leather product manufacturing, Leather tanning fur dressing and leather products, Leather tanning manufacturing Price, Leather tanning Price, Legal and accounting services Legal and accounting services Price, Legal services Price, Less petroleum Price, Lifting and handling equipment, Lifting and handling equipment and parts thereof, Lifting and handling equipment Price, Lifting and material handling equipment manufacturing, Lifting and material handling equipment manufacturing Price, Lifting equipment, Light-Sweet Cushing Lignite, Lime manufacturing, Lime Price, Lime product manufacturing Price, Limpopo Consumer Price Index, Liquefied, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Price, Liquid, Liquid flavors Lira, LME, LME Daily Asian Benchmark Reference Prices, LME Daily Official and Settlement Prices, Local Production, Local Sales, Log sawmilling and timber dressing, Log sawmilling and timber dressing Price, Log sawmilling Price, London Metal Exchange Long products Price, Long Steel, Long Steel Price, Long-distance, Low Carbon, Low Sulphur, Low Sulphur Diesel, Low Sulphur Gas Oil, LSGO, Lubricating Lubricating and Similar Oils, Macadamias, Machine tool and parts manufacturing, Machine tool and parts manufacturing Price, Machined seals, Machinery and equipment, Machinery and equipment manufacturing, Machinery and equipment manufacturing Price, Machinery for the treatment of fabrics, Machines for the treatment of substances Made of carbon steel, Made of iron or steel, Made of plastics, Magazines Price, Magnesium Scrap, Magnesium Scrap Price, Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, Maintenance and repair of the dwelling, Maintenance of motor vehicles Price, Maintenance of the dwelling Major household appliances, Major household appliances Price, Malaysia, Malaysia Inflation, Malaysian Rubber Board, Man made fibers, Man made fibres, Management advice and related consulting services, Management advice and related consulting services Price, Manual and power operated Manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products, Manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products Price, Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products, Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products Price, Manufacture of food products, Manufacture of food products Price, Manufacture of gummed or adhesive paper in strips or rolls and labels and wall paper, Manufacture of lime and plaster, Manufacture of other food products, Manufacture of other food products Price Manufacture of other pumps compressors taps and valves, Manufacture of plastics in primary forms, Manufacture of plastics products, Manufacture of products Price, Manufactured products Price, Manufacturing and service sectors, Manufacturing division, Manufacturing industry products, Manufacturing industry products Price, Manufacturing Input Manufacturing Output, Manufacturing plant, Manufacturing Wage, Margarine, Market, Market research and statistical services, Market research and statistical services Price, Materials & Fuel purchased Price Indices, Mattress manufacturing, Mattress manufacturing Price Maximum Gas Energy Price, Maximum Refinery Gate Price, Meals out and take away foods, Meals out and take away foods Price, Meals out food Price, Measuring, Meat and meat product manufacturing, Meat and meat product manufacturing Price, Meat and meat products, Meat and seafood Price Meat and seafoods, Meat Board of Namibia, Meat Price, Meat processing, Meat product, Meats, Mechanical, Mechanical power transmission equipment, Medical and hospital services, Medical and hospital services Price Medical and surgical equipment manufacturing, Medical and surgical equipment manufacturing Price, Medical appliances Price, Medical dental and hospital services, Medical dental and hospital services Price, Medical equipment Price, Medical products appliances and equipment, Medical products appliances and equipment Price, Medical products Price, Medicinal product manufacturing Price MEIBC, Melons, MEPS, Merchant steel price, Merchant Steel Price Index, Mesh Bar, Mesh Bar Price, Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council, Metal coating and finishing, Metal coating and finishing Price Metal container manufacturing, Metal container manufacturing Price, Metal cutting machine, Metal cutting machine tools, Metal ore mining, Metal ore mining Price, Metal prices, Metal products, Metal products Price, Metals and metal products Metalworking, Metalworking machinery and equipment, Metical, Mexican peso, Mexico, Mexico Exchange Rate, Milk and cream processing, Milk and milk products, Milk cheese and eggs Price, Milk Price Milk products, Milk spreads, Mills, mineral mining, Mineral oil, Mineral oil products, Minerals Price, Minimum Living Remuneration, Minimum Monthly Wage, Minimum Wage Rate Schedule Minimum Wage Rates, Minimum wages, Mining and construction machinery manufacturing, Mining and construction machinery manufacturing Price, Mining and construction plant and equipment price index, Mining Bar Price, Mining machinery and equipment, Mining Wage, Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Miscellaneous allied paint products, Miscellaneous chemical product, Miscellaneous electrical equipment, Miscellaneous electrical machinery and equipment, Miscellaneous electronic systems, Miscellaneous fabricated products, Miscellaneous general purpose equipment, Miscellaneous goods and services Price, Miscellaneous machinery Miscellaneous metal products, Miscellaneous products, Mittal, Molybdenum Price, Mont Belvieu, Monthly averages, Monthly Exchange Rate, Motor and generator, Motor generator sets, Motor vehicle and motor vehicle part manufacturing Motor vehicle and motor vehicle part manufacturing Price, Motor vehicle body, Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing, Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing Price, Motor vehicle manufacturing, Motor vehicle manufacturing Price, Motor vehicle Part, Motor vehicle parts, Motor vehicle parts manufacturing, Motor vehicle parts Price Motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts, Motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts Price, Motor vehicles Price, Motor-control accessories, Motors excluding electronic components Price, Motors Price, Mozambican Metical, Mozambique, Mozambique Consumer Price Index, Mozambique CPI Mozambique Exchange Rate, Mozambique Inflation, Mpumalanga Consumer Price Index, MRB, MRGP, Mushroom and vegetable growing, Namibia, Namibia Consumer price index, Namibia Dollar, Namibia Exchange Rate Namibia Inflation, Namibia Statistics Agency, NAPCS, National Bank of Angola, National Bank of Ukraine, National Bargaining Council for the Chemical Industry, National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry, National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight & Logistics Industry, National Bureau of Statistics of China, National classes indices National Consumer Price Index, National coverage, National Energy Regulator of South Africa, National indices by subclass, National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of the Argentine Republic, National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, National Statistics Institute of Mozambique, National Statistics Institute of Spain, National Statistics Republic of China, National Statistics Taiwan National Uniform Pump Prices, National Wholesale Price Index, Natural Gas, Natural gas distribution, Natural gas Price, Natural rubber product manufacturing, Natural rubber product manufacturing Price, Natural rubber products, Natural rubber products Price, Natural sodium carbonate Natural textile, Natural textile manufacturing, Natural textile manufacturing Price, Navigation, NBCCI, NBCRFLI, NBS, Nectars, Nersa, Nersa approved tariff adjustment Net Price index, Netherlands Output and import prices, Netherlands PPI, Netherlands Producer Price Index, New dwelling purchase by owner-occupiers, New South Wales, New South Wales Wage, New York Harbor, New Zealand Consumer Price Index, New Zealand CPI New Zealand Food Price Index, New Zealand Input Producer Price Index, New Zealand Output Producer Price Index, New Zealand PPI, New Zealand Producer Price Index, Newspaper Price, Newspapers books and stationery, Newspapers books and stationery Price, Newspapers magazines and stationery, Newspapers magazines and stationery Price NGN, Nickel Price, Nigeria, Nigeria Exchange Rate, Nigerian Naira, Nigerian Naira per Rand, Nigerian Naira per US Dollar, Nitric acid, Nitrogen, Nitrogenates No market movement, Non-alcoholic beverages Price, Non-durable household products, Non-durable household products Price, Nonferrous metal foundries, Nonferrous metal smelting and refining, Non-ferrous metals, Non-ferrous metals and semi-finished products, Nonferrous scrap, Nonferrous wire and cable Non-metallic mineral, Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying, Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing, Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing Price, Nonmetallic mineral products, Non-metallic mineral products, Non-metallic mineral products Price, Nonpackaging plastics films and sheet, Non-Standard Structural Section, North American Product Classification System North West Consumer Price Index, Northern Cape Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, Northern Cape Clothing and footwear, Northern Cape Communication Price, Northern Cape Consumer Price Index, Northern Cape Education Price, Northern Cape Food and non alcoholic beverages, Northern Cape Health Price, Northern Cape Household contents and equipment, Northern Cape Housing and utilities Northern Cape Miscellaneous goods and services, Northern Cape Recreation and culture Price, Northern Cape Restaurants and hotels Price, Northern Cape Transport Price, Northern Territory, Northern Territory Wage, North-West Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, North-West Clothing and footwear, North-West Communication Price, North-West Consumer Price Index North-West Education Price, North-West Food and non alcoholic beverages, North-West Health Price, North-West Household contents and equipment, North-West Housing and utilities, North-West Miscellaneous goods and services, North-West Recreation and culture Price, North-West Restaurants and hotels Price, North-West Transport Price, Norway electricity Price Norway manufacturing Price, Norway mining Price, Norway Oil or gas extraction Price, Norway PPI, Norway Producer price index, Not Seasonally Adjusted, Nuevos Soles, Number 2, Nut bolt screw and rivet manufacturing, Nut manufacturing Price Nut Price, Oats, Occupiers, Office for National Statistics, Office of the Economic Adviser, Officials, off-the-highway, Oil and fat manufacturing, Oil and fat manufacturing Price, Oil and gas extraction Oil and gas extraction Price, Oil extraction Price, Oil hydraulics, Oil hydraulics and pneumatics including hydraulic pumps, Oils and fats, Oils and fats Price, Oils Price, OK Crude Oil Future Contract 1, Only hot rolled, ONS ONS CPI, ONS Index of Labor Costs, ONS Index of Labour Costs, ONS United Kingdom, Ophthalmic equipment manufacturing price, Optical equipment manufacturing Price, Orange juice, Ordinary time hourly rates, Organic chemicals, Organic chemicals Price Other basic chemical product manufacturing, Other basic chemical product manufacturing Price, Other basic chemical products, Other basic chemical products Price, Other basic non-ferrous metal manufacturing, Other basic non-ferrous metal manufacturing Price, Other basic non-ferrous metal product manufacturing, Other basic non-ferrous metal product manufacturing Price, Other ceramic product manufacturing, Other ceramic product manufacturing Price Other cereal products, Other cereal products Price, Other converted paper product manufacturing, Other converted paper product manufacturing Price, Other crisp manufacturing Price, Other crop growing, Other dairy product manufacturing Price, Other dairy products Price, Other electrical equipment manufacturing, Other electronic equipment manufacturing Other food products, Other food products Price, Other furniture manufacturing, Other furniture manufacturing Price, Other heavy gauge metal container manufacturing Price, Other household fuels, Other household services, Other household services Price, Other housing Price, Other inorganic chemicals Other livestock farming, Other machinery and equipment, Other machinery and equipment manufacturing, Other machinery and equipment manufacturing Price, Other machines apparatus and equipment for earthmoving, Other machines for unspecific use, Other manufacturing, Other manufacturing Price, Other meats, Other meats Price Other raw products, Other recreation sport and culture, Other recreational sporting and cultural services, Other recreational sporting and cultural services Price, Other rubber products, Other seafood Price, Other services for pets Price, Other services in respect of motor vehicles, Other services in respect of motor vehicles Price, Other services Wage Other wood product manufacturing Price, Other wood products, Other wood products Price, Output and import prices by product, Output Producer Price Index, Overall index, Owner, Oxygen, Packaged beverage materials, Packing Other electronic equipment manufacturing Price, Other fabricated metal product manufacturing, Other fabricated metal product manufacturing Price, Other fabricated textile products, Other financial services, Other financial services Price, other floor coverings, Other floor coverings Price, Other food product manufacturing, Other food product manufacturing Price Other motor vehicle parts manufacturing, Other motor vehicle parts manufacturing Price, Other non-durable household products, Other non-durable household products Price, Other non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying, Other non-metallic mineral product manufacturing, Other non-metallic mineral product manufacturing Price, Other plastics product, Other professional and scientific equipment manufacturing, Other professional and scientific equipment manufacturing Price Other specialised design services, Other specialised design services Price, Other specialised machinery and equipment manufacturing, Other specialised machinery and equipment manufacturing Price, Other specialized design services, Other specialized design services Price, Other specialized machinery and equipment manufacturing, Other specialized machinery and equipment manufacturing Price, Other spices, Other structural metal product manufacturing Other structural metal product manufacturing Price, Other transport equipment, Other transport equipment manufacturing, Other transport equipment manufacturing Price, Other transport equipment Price, Other warehousing and storage services, Other warehousing and storage services Price, Other water transport support services, Other water transport support services Price, Other wood product manufacturing Paint and coating manufacturing, Paint and coatings manufacturing, Paint and coatings manufacturing Price, Paints and allied products, Paints inks and putties, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan Monthly Price Indices, Pakistan Wholesale Price Index, Pakistan Wholesale Price Index by Group of Commodities, Panels Paper bag manufacturing, Paper bag manufacturing Price, Paper manufacturing Price, Paper product manufacturing Price, Paper Products Price, Paper stationery manufacturing, Paper stationery manufacturing Price, Paperboard container manufacturing Price, Paperboard manufacturing Price, Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Exchange Rate, Papua New Guinea Inflation, Papua New Guinea Kina, Papua New Guinea Kina per US Dollar, Papua New Guinea Minimum Wages, Paraffin, Parts and attachments, Parts and attachments for mining machinery and equipment, Parts and attachments for pumps, Parts for electric motors generators and transformers Parts for electricity distribution, Parts for internal combustion engines, Parts for piston internal combustion engines, Parts for pumps and compressors, Pasta manufacturing Price, PBS, PEN, Pepper, Percent per Annum, Personal care products Personal care products Price, Personal grooming services Price, Personal safety, Personal safety equipment and clothing, Peru, Peru Consumer Price Index, Peru Exchange Rate, Peru Inflation, Peru Minimum Monthly Wage, Peru National Consumer Price Index Peru National Institute of Statistics and Informatics, Peru National Wholesale Price Index, Peru Producer Price Index, Peruvian Sol, Peruvian Sol per US Dollar, Peso, Pesos, Pesticide, Pesticide manufacturing, Pesticide manufacturing Price Petrol unleaded, Petrol unleaded Price, Petroleum and coal product manufacturing, Petroleum and coal product manufacturing Price, Petroleum and coal products, Petroleum and coal products Price, Petroleum and Other Liquids, Petroleum fuel manufacturing Price, Petroleum fuels Price, Petroleum products Petroleum Pump Prices, Petroleum refinery products, Petroleum refinery products including greases Price, Petroleum refinery products Price, Petroleum refining and petroleum fuel manufacturing, Petroleum refining manufacturing Price, Pets and related products, Pets and related products Price, Pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing Price Pharmaceutical product manufacturing Price, Pharmaceutical products, Pharmaceutical products Price, Philippine Statistics Authority, Philippines Consumer Price Index, Philippines Consumer Price Index for All Income Households, Philippines CPI, Philippines General Wholesale Price Index by Commodity Group, Philippines Inflation, Philippines Wholesale Price Index Phosphates, Photographic equipment manufacturing Price, Photographic optical and ophthalmic equipment manufacturing, Pickled and oiled, Pigments, Piped Gas Regulatory Levy, Piped Gas Transmission Tariff, Pipeline transport, Pipeline transport Price, Pipes and hollow profiles of iron or steel Plaster product manufacturing, Plaster product manufacturing Price, Plastic goods, Plastic products, Plastics and rubber products, Plastics in primary forms, Plastics material, Plastics material and resin, Plastics material and resins, Plastics materials Plastics products, Plate Steel Price, Plate work, Plates, Pneumatics, Polishing stones, Polyacetals, Polyallyl Esters, Polycarbonates, Polyesters Polymer film and sheet packaging material manufacturing, Polymer film and sheet packaging material manufacturing Price, Polymer film packaging material manufacturing Price, Polymer foam product manufacturing, Polymer foam product manufacturing Price, Polymer Index, Polymer product and rubber product manufacturing, Polymer product and rubber product manufacturing Price, Polymer product and rubber products, Polymer product and rubber products Price Polymer product manufacturing, Polymer product manufacturing Price, Polymer product Price, Polymer sheet packaging material manufacturing Price, Polymers Of Ethylene, Polysulfide, Poppy seeds Price, Pork fresh or chilled, Pork Price, Port and water transport terminal operations Port and water transport terminal operations Price, Portable device, Postal and courier pick-up and delivery services, Postal and courier pick-up and delivery services Price, Postal services Price, Potassium & sodium compounds, Potato corn and other crisp manufacturing, Potato manufacturing Price, Potato SA, Potato South Africa Poultry farming, Poultry meat, Poultry Price, Power, Power converters, PPI, Precision turned product, Prefabricated metal building manufacturing, Prefabricated metal building manufacturing Price, Prepared animal and bird feed manufacturing Prepared animal and bird feed manufacturing Price, Prepared paint, Preschool and primary education Price, Preschool education Price, Press, Pressure instruments, Pressure instruments and flow meters, Pressure instruments and flow meters Price, Pressure pipe, Pressure regulators Price Indices of Materials & Fuel purchased, Price Indices of Products Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Price Indices of Selected Goods Exported from the United Kingdom, Price Indices of United Kingdom Output, Price list 110, Price list 111, Price list 115, Price list 120, Price list 121, Price list 130 Price list 140, Price list 145, Price list 147, Price list 230/70, Price list 231/35/50/55&85, Price list 231a, Price list 231b, Price list 231d, Price list 235, Price list 240 Price list 45, Price of aluminium products per ton, Prices and wages, Prices of Coconut Products, Primary Aluminium Price, Primary education price, Primary metal and metal product manufacturing, Primary metal and metal product manufacturing Price, Primary metal and metal products, Primary metal and metal products Price Primary metal Price, Primary metal product manufacturing Price, Printing and printing support services, Printing and printing support services Price, Printing including the reproduction of recorded media Price, Printing Price, Private motoring Price, Processed foods, Processed foods and feeds, Processed fruits and vegetables Processed meat, Processed potatoes and potato products, Processed Yarns and Threads, Processing, Producer Price Index, Producer Price Index for Domestic Supply, Producer Price Index for Manufactured Products, Producer Price Index for Services, Producer price index of industry, Producer Price Indexes Producer Price Indices, Producer prices in industry, Production, Production activity, Production Price Index, Production process, Production Summary Report, Products Nes, Products Price Index, Professional and scientific equipment Professional and scientific equipment manufacturing, Professional and scientific equipment manufacturing Price, Professional scientific and technical services, Professional scientific and technical services Wage, Propane, Property rates and charges, Propyl Alcohol, PSA, Public administration and safety, Public administration and safety Wage Publications printed matter and printing material, Pula, Pulp manufacturing Price, Pulp paper and converted paper product manufacturing, Pulp paper and converted paper products, Pulp paper and converted paper products Price, Pulp paper and paperboard manufacturing, Pulp product manufacturing Price, Pulp Products Price, Pump and compressor manufacturing Pump and compressor manufacturing Price, Pump compressor heating and ventilation equipment, Pump compressor heating and ventilation equipment manufacturing, Pump equipment manufacturing Price, Pump equipment Price, Purchased steel, Pure sodium chloride, Putties, Quarterly Producer Price Index by subsector, Queensland Queensland Wage, Quenched and Tempered Plate, Rail freight, Rail freight transport, Rail freight transport Price, Railroad equipment, Railway maintenance, Rand, Rates, Raw milk Ready-mixed concrete manufacturing, Ready-mixed concrete manufacturing Price, Reconstituted wood product manufacturing, Reconstituted wood product manufacturing Price, Recreation and culture, Recreational product manufacturing Price, Rectifying apparatus, Red Meat Association, Reef, Refined Petroleum Products Refractories Price, Refractory minerals mining, Reinforcing Round Bar, Reinforcing Round Bar Price, Reinforcing Steel Price, Relay, Relay and industrial control, Remunerations, Rent Price, Rental hiring and real estate services Rental hiring and real estate services Wage, Repair materials, Repair of clothing and footwear, Repair of motor vehicles Price, Repair of the dwelling, Reproduction of recorded media, Reproduction of recorded media Price, Reserve Bank of Australia, Resistance welders, Restaurant meals Price Restricted Thickness Tolerance, Retail trade, Retail trade Wage, Rigid and semi-rigid polymer, Rigid and semi-rigid polymer product manufacturing, Rigid and semi-rigid polymer product manufacturing Price, Rivet manufacturing Price, RMA, Road freight, Road Freight Industry Road freight transport, Road freight transport Price, Rock Drill Operators, ROE, Rolled, Rolled and Normalised, Rolled steel, Roller, Roller bearings Price, Roofing Rope, Round bar, Round Bar Price, Round Edge Flat, Round Edge Flat Steel Price, Rounds, Rounds and squares, Rubber and Plastic Belts and Belting, Rubber and plastic goods, Rubber and Plastic Hose Rubber and plastic products, Rubber and plastics hose and belting, Rubber and rubber products, Rubber product manufacturing, Rubber product manufacturing Price, Rubber products Price, Ruling price of certain electrical cable manufacturing materials, S03, S04, SA CPI SA Index, SA rand, SA rand per Turkish Lira, SAFEX, Salt Coarse, Salt Coarse Price, Sandblasting machines, Sanitary paper product manufacturing, Sanitary paper product manufacturing Price, SAPIA SARB, Sasol Gas Transmission Tariff, SBR, SCB, Scientific research services, Scientific research services Price, Scrap, Screw manufacturing Price, Seafood Price, Seafood processing Seafoods, Sealants, Sealing device, Seasonally Adjusted, Seasoning, Seasoning & dressing, Secondary education Price, Sector Indices, SEIFSA, SEIFSA aluminium price products per ton SEIFSA Civil engineering material price indices, SEIFSA Construction input price index, SEIFSA Corrosion resisting steel, SEIFSA Electric Motor Indices, SEIFSA Engineering input price indices, SEIFSA Index for conductor steel core, SEIFSA Index for foundry scrap, SEIFSA Index for round bar, SEIFSA Index of actual wage rates, SEIFSA Index of labour Wage Indices SEIFSA Index of stainless steel flat products, SEIFSA Index Road Freight, SEIFSA Index Road Freight Costs, SEIFSA Index Road Freight Industry, SEIFSA Labor cost, SEIFSA Labour cost, SEIFSA Metal prices, SEIFSA Petroleum Product Index, SEIFSA Polymer Index, SEIFSA PPI SEIFSA Production Price Index, SEIFSA Reinforcing Steel, SEIFSA Speciality Steel, SEIFSA Steel Bars, SEIFSA Strand for post tensioning application, SEIFSA TABLE C3, SEIFSA TABLE C4, SEIFSA TABLE C5, SEIFSA TABLE D3, SEIFSA TABLE E SEIFSA TABLE E EX, SEIFSA TABLE E2, SEIFSA TABLE E4, SEIFSA TABLE E5, SEIFSA TABLE E6, SEIFSA TABLE E7, SEIFSA TABLE E8, SEIFSA TABLE EA, SEIFSA TABLE EB, SEIFSA TABLE F SEIFSA TABLE G1, SEIFSA TABLE G2, SEIFSA TABLE G3, SEIFSA TABLE J4, SEIFSA TABLE L1, SEIFSA TABLE L2, SEIFSA TABLE L3, SEIFSA TABLE L5, SEIFSA TABLE M5, SEIFSA TABLE M6 SEIFSA TABLE N, SEIFSA TABLE O2, SEIFSA TABLE P2, SEIFSA TABLE Q, SEIFSA TABLE Q1, SEIFSA TABLE Q2, SEIFSA TABLE R, SEIFSA TABLE U1, SEIFSA TABLE UA, SEIFSA TABLE V2 SEIFSA TABLE V3, SEIFSA Treatment and Supply of Utility Poles, SEIFSA UVI, Semi-finished products, Semolina, Services Output, Sheep Average Purchasing Price, Sheep Average Selling Price, Sheep beef cattle and grain farming, Sheep Price Silica Crude Price, Silica Price, Silica Processed, Silica Processed Price, Silver smelting and refining Price, Singapore, Skim, Small electric household appliances, Small electric household appliances Price, Smallgoods manufacturing Sheet metal product manufacturing, Sheet metal product manufacturing Price, Sheet metal product manufacturing except metal structural and container products, Sheet metal product manufacturing except metal structural and container products Price, Sheet packaging, Shipbuilding and repair services, Shipbuilding and repair services Price, Sibanye Gold, Sibanye Gold Wages, Silica Crude Snacks and confectionery, Snacks and confectionery Price, Snacks Price, Soaps, Soaps and detergents, Soda, Sodium, Sodium chloride, Soft drink cordial and syrup manufacturing, Soft drink manufacturing Price Soft drinks Price, Software publishing, South Africa, South Africa Consumer Price Index, South Africa Exchange Rate, South Africa Inflation, South Africa Maximum Gas Energy Price, South Africa piped Gas Regulatory Levy, South African, South African Exchange rate South African Headline Consumer Price, South African Interest rate, South African Prime lending rate, South African Rand, South African Rand per Argentine Peso, South African Rand per Botswana Pula, South African Rand per Brazilian Real, South African Rand per Chilean Pesos, South African Rand per Czech Koruna, South African rand per Mexican peso South African Rand per Mozambican Metical, South African Reserve Bank, South Australia, South Australia Wage, Spain Consumer Price Index, Spain CPI, Spain Industrial Price Index, Spain inflation, Spare accessories for motor vehicles Price, Spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles Spare parts for motor vehicles Price, Special Broad National Consumer Price Index, Specialised machinery and equipment, Specialised machinery and equipment manufacturing, Specialised machinery and equipment manufacturing Price, Specialised machinery and equipment Price, Speciality Steel Price, Specialized machinery and equipment, Specialized machinery and equipment manufacturing, Specialized machinery and equipment manufacturing Price Specialized machinery and equipment Price, Speed changer, Speed changers, Spirit manufacturing, Spirit manufacturing Price, Spirits Price, Sporting and cultural, sporting and cultural services, Sporting product manufacturing Price, Sports participation Sports participation Price, Spot Prices, Spot Prices for Crude Oil and Petroleum Products, Spray guns, Spreads Price, Spring and wire product manufacturing, Spring and wire product manufacturing Price, Squares, Stainless Steel Scrap, Stainless Steel Scrap Price Standard Mill, Standard Mill Oil, Standard Mill Oil Price, Standard Structural Section, Starch and starch products, Statbel, State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Stationery Price, Statistical, Statistics Belgium Statistics Canada, Statistics Finland, Statistics Indonesia, Statistics Netherlands, Statistics Norway, Statistics SA, Statistics SA Consumer Price Index, Statistics SA Selected Final and Intermediate Manufactured, Statistics Sweden, Stats NZ StatsSA, StatsSA CMPI, StatsSA Construction Materials Price Indices, StatsSA Construction Price Adjustment Provisions, StatsSA Consumer Price Index, StatsSA CPI, StatsSA PPI, StatsSA Supply index, StatsSA Work Group Indices, Steam Agriculture Steam Any Industrial, Steam Any Metallurgical, Steam Any Mines, Steam Cement, Steam Chemical, Steam Domestic, Steam Electricity, Steam Steel Works, Steam Synthetic Fuels, Steam Transport Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa, Steel Bars Price, Steel for special purposes, Steel for special purposes Price, Steel foundry, Steel foundry products, Steel mill products, Steel pipe and tube, Steel pipe and tube manufacturing, Steel pipe and tube manufacturing Price Steel Price, Steel Scrap, Steel Scrap Price, Steel wire carbon, Steel wire drawing, Steel Works, Stevedoring services, Stevedoring services Price, Stones for fiberizing, Strand Strand for post tensioning application, Strip, Structural metal product manufacturing, Structural metal product manufacturing Price, Structural steel fabricating, Structural steel fabricating Price, Styrene-butadiene rubber, Subgroup Index for Japan, Sugar, Sulfate Sulfide, Sulfoxylate, Sulfur, Sulfuric acid, Sulphur Price, Supply index, Surface workers, Surveying, Surveying and mapping services, Surveying and mapping services Price SV0016, SV0037, Sweden, Sweden Consumer Price Index, Sweden CPI, Sweden EXPI, Sweden Export Price Index, Sweden Inflation, Sweden Labor cost index, Sweden Labor Input in Industry Sweden Labour cost index, Sweden Labour cost index for wage-earners in private sector, Sweden Labour Input in Industry, Sweden PPI, Sweden Producer Price Index, Swedish Exchange Rate, Swedish Krona, Switching equipment, Synthetic ammonia, Synthetic organic plasticizers Synthetic resin and synthetic rubber manufacturing, Synthetic resin manufacturing Price, Synthetic rubber manufacturing, Synthetic rubber manufacturing Price, Synthetic textile manufacturing, Synthetic textile manufacturing Price, Syrup manufacturing Price, Systemic antivirals, Systems, TABLE C3 TABLE C4, TABLE C5, TABLE D3, TABLE E, TABLE E EX, TABLE E2, TABLE E4, TABLE E5, TABLE E6, TABLE E7 TABLE E8, TABLE EA, TABLE EB, TABLE F, TABLE G1, TABLE G2, TABLE G3, TABLE J4, TABLE L1, TABLE L2 TABLE L3, TABLE L5, TABLE M5, TABLE M6, TABLE N, TABLE O2, TABLE P2, TABLE Q, TABLE Q1, TABLE Q2 TABLE R, TABLE U1, TABLE UA, TABLE V2, TABLE V3, Tableware, Tableware Price, Taiwan Consumer Price Indices, Taiwan Consumer Price Indices by Basic Group and Item, Taiwan CPI Taiwan Inflation, Taiwan PPI, Taiwan Producer Price Indices, Taiwan Producer Price Indices by Basic Group, Taiwan Wholesale Price Indices, Taiwan Wholesale Price Indices by Basic Group, Taiwan WPI, Take away and fast foods, Take away and fast foods Price, Take away foods Price Tank manufacturing Price, Tapered, Tapered roller bearings, Taps, Tariff, Tariffs, Tasmania, Tasmania Wage, tatistics New Zealand, Taxi and other road transport Taxi and other road transport Price, Tea Price, Technical services Price, Telecommunication equipment and services, Telecommunication equipment and services Price, Telecommunications technology, Terminal, Tertiary education Price, Textile floor covering, Textile floor covering manufacturing Textile floor covering manufacturing Price, Textile leather clothing and footwear, Textile leather clothing and footwear manufacturing, Textile manufacturing, Textile manufacturing Price, Textile Mills, Textile Price, Textile product manufacturing, Textile product manufacturing Price, Textile products and apparel Textile products Price, Thailand, Thailand Producer Price Index, The Harper Peterson Charter Rate Index, Therapeutic appliances and equipment, Therapeutic appliances Price, Therapeutic equipment Price, Thermoplastic resins, Thermoplastic resins and plastics materials, Thermostats Thermostats pressure regulators and apparatus for controlling, Thickness, Thin Gauge, Thinners, Thread mills, Thread mills-Greige polyester spun yarns, Threads, Timber dressing Price, Timber resawing and dressing, Timber resawing and dressing Price Tin mill, Tin Price, Tin Scrap, Tin Scrap Price, Tire cord and Fabric, Tire cord and tire fabric, Tire sundries, Tires and inner tubes, Tires and inner tubes Price, Tires for special vehicles and aircraft Tires for special vehicles and aircraft Price, Titanium, Titanium pigments, Tobacco Price, Tobacco product manufacturing Price, Tools and equipment for garden Price, Tools and equipment for house and garden, Tools and equipment for house Price, Tools Price, Total commercial production Total compensation, Total compensation for All occupations, Total Danish production, Total hourly rates, Toy product manufacturing Price, Toy sporting and recreational product manufacturing, Toys Price, Transformers, transmission, Transport equipment Transport equipment manufacturing, Transport equipment manufacturing Price, Transport equipment Price, Transport Output, Transport postal and warehousing, Transport postal and warehousing Wage, Transport Price, Transport Tariffs, Transportation, Transportation Cost Index Transportation equipment, Travel, Treating, Treatment and Supply of Utility Poles, Truck and bus pneumatic, Tube & Line Pipe Steel, Tube and Line Pipe Steel Price, Tungsten Scrap, Tungsten Scrap Price, Turbines Turkish, Turkish Exchange Rate, TX Propane, TX Propane Spot Price, Tyre manufacturing, Tyre manufacturing Price, U.S. Gulf Coast Conventional Gasoline Regular Spot Price, U.S. Gulf Coast Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel Spot Price, U.S. Gulf Coast Ultra-Low Sulfur No 2 Diesel Spot Price, Ukraine Average Producers Prices Ukraine Exchange Rate, Ukraine Industrial Producer Price Index, Ukraine PPI, Ukraine Producer Price Index, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Ukrainian Hryvnia per US Dollar, Ultra Low, Ultra Low Sulfur No 2 Diesel, Umbrellas, Uncooked chicken medium size 1.6kg Uncooked chicken Price, Underground mining machinery, Underground workers, Unions, United Kingdom Consumer Price Index, United Kingdom Export of Selected Goods Price Indices, United Kingdom Inflation, United Kingdom Labor Costs Index, United Kingdom Labor Costs per Hour, United Kingdom Labour Costs Index United Kingdom Labour Costs per Hour, United Kingdom Output Price Indices, United Kingdom Products Manufacturing Price Indices, United Kingdom Quarterly nominal unit labor costs, United Kingdom Quarterly nominal unit labour costs, United States, Unlaminated plastics film and sheet, Unmounted, Upset carbon steel forgings, Urban bus transport Urban bus transport Including tramway Price, Urban bus transport Price, Urban transport fares, Urban transport fares Price, urea, US Dollar, US Dollar Exchange Rate, US Dollar per Botswana Pula, US Dollar per Namibia Dollar, US Dollar per Papua New Guinea Kina US dollar per Zambian kwacha, US Exchange rates, US Federal Reserve Bank, US Index, US Inflation, USD, Utensils Price, Utilities Price, Valve, Valves Varnish removers, Vastrap Steel Price, Veal Price, Vegetables Price, Veneer and Plywood manufacturing, Veneer and Plywood manufacturing Price, Ventilation equipment manufacturing Price, Ventilation equipment Price, Veterinary and other services for pets, Veterinary and other services for pets Price Veterinary pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing, Veterinary pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing Price, Veterinary pharmaceutical product manufacturing Price, Veterinary Price, Veterinary services, Veterinary services Price, Victoria, Victoria Wage, Vietnam Consumer Price Index, Vietnam Inflation Vinegar, Vinegar and cider, Visual equipment and services Price, Visual equipment Price, Visual media and services Price, VN Index, Vulcanizable elastomers, Wage Indices, Wage rate across the board, Wage Rates Warehousing and storage services, Warehousing and storage services Price, washer, Washers, Water and sewerage, Water and sewerage Price, Water freight, Water freight transport, Water freight transport Price, Water Price Water transport, Water transport support services, Water transport support services Price, Water Treating Compounds, Waters soft drinks and juices, Waters soft drinks and juices Price, Way equipment, Weighted average retail prices of selected food items, Welding, Welding machines and equipment West Texas Intermediate, West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil, Western Australia, Western Australia Wage, Western Cape Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, Western Cape Clothing and footwear, Western Cape Communication Price, Western Cape Consumer Price Index, Western Cape Education Price, Western Cape Food and non alcoholic beverages Western Cape Health Price, Western Cape Household contents and equipment, Western Cape Housing and utilities, Western Cape Miscellaneous goods and services, Western Cape Recreation and culture Price, Western Cape Restaurants and hotels Price, Western Cape Transport Price, Wheat, Wheat flour, Wheat Gluten Wheat mill products, Wholesale Price Index, Wholesale trade, Wholesale trade Wage, Windows Price, Windows Section, Windows Section Price, Wine and other alcoholic beverage manufacturing, Wine and other alcoholic beverage manufacturing Price, Wine manufacturing Price Wine Price, Wire products, Wire Rod, Wire Rod Price, Wood chipping Price, Wood product manufacturing, Wood product manufacturing Price, Wood products Price, Wooden structural fitting, Wooden structural fitting and component manufacturing Wooden structural fitting and component manufacturing Price, Work Group Indices, Workwear, World Carbon Steel Price Index, World Raw Materials and Semi-Finished Steel Purchasing Price Index, WTI crude oil price, X-ray, X-ray and electromedical equipment, Y Bar, Y Bar Price Yarn, Yarns, Yellow Goods Steel Purchasing Price Index, Yuan, Zambia, Zambia Exchange Rate, Zambian kwacha, ZAR, Zinc Price, Zinc Scrap Zinc Scrap Price, Zinc smelting and refining Price

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